Google site archive

The screen captures from Jacqueline’s Google site:

Available site activity log. Only three pages/posts seem to be on the site.



Post offering covering design services to self publishers (2009-2010). We are certain the picture conveys a very professional image! Ms Homan’s breasts seem to feature as often on the internet as her PayPal donate button.

GoogleSite-coverdesign-1  GoogleSite-coverdesign-2  GoogleSite-coverdesign-3  GoogleSite-coverdesign-4  GoogleSite-coverdesign-5  GoogleSite-coverdesign-6

The email address appearing in the bottom left of screen from hovering over the ‘Contact Me’ hyperlink.


The page American Greed, content blank, page created in April 2010 with no further edits according to the available activity log.




The post on the home page, last edited in April 2010. Probably created late in 2009, judging by the post content.

GoogleSite-home-1  GoogleSite-home-2  GoogleSite-home-3

GoogleSite-home-4  GoogleSite-home-5  GoogleSite-home-6  GoogleSite-home-7  GoogleSite-home-8  GoogleSite-home-9


There is a secondary Google site linked to (above) for Nothing You Can Possess (her third book, published early in 2008). Activity for the site seems to have ceased around the same time (April 2010), and was probably created in 2008.



The homepage of the Nothing You Can Possess Google site. We have omitted the post which is an extract of the book.

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GoogleSite-NYCP-01  GoogleSite-NYCP-02  GoogleSite-NYCP-03  GoogleSite-NYCP-04  GoogleSite-NYCP-05  GoogleSite-NYCP-06  GoogleSite-NYCP-07  GoogleSite-NYCP-08  GoogleSite-NYCP-09  GoogleSite-NYCP-10  GoogleSite-NYCP-11  GoogleSite-NYCP-12  GoogleSite-NYCP-13  GoogleSite-NYCP-14  GoogleSite-NYCP-15  GoogleSite-NYCP-16  GoogleSite-NYCP-17  GoogleSite-NYCP-18  GoogleSite-NYCP-19  GoogleSite-NYCP-20  GoogleSite-NYCP-21  GoogleSite-NYCP-22  GoogleSite-NYCP-23  GoogleSite-NYCP-24  GoogleSite-NYCP-25  GoogleSite-NYCP-26  GoogleSite-NYCP-27  GoogleSite-NYCP-28  GoogleSite-NYCP-29  GoogleSite-NYCP-30  GoogleSite-NYCP-31  GoogleSite-NYCP-32  GoogleSite-NYCP-33  GoogleSite-NYCP-34  GoogleSite-NYCP-35  GoogleSite-NYCP-36  GoogleSite-NYCP-37  GoogleSite-NYCP-38  GoogleSite-NYCP-39  GoogleSite-NYCP-40  GoogleSite-NYCP-41  GoogleSite-NYCP-42  GoogleSite-NYCP-43  GoogleSite-NYCP-44  GoogleSite-NYCP-45  GoogleSite-NYCP-46  GoogleSite-NYCP-47  GoogleSite-NYCP-48  GoogleSite-NYCP-49  GoogleSite-NYCP-50  GoogleSite-NYCP-51  GoogleSite-NYCP-52  GoogleSite-NYCP-53