Other methods of donation

In addition to the seven fundraisers listed on the previous page, other fund raising streams for Jacqueline can be found.

From the Gratipay site (a site whereby anyone can set up a page and ask people to donate a regular amount each week), there is this profile:




This is in addition to all her other sites, all of which have a link to her PayPal address for donations, or a donate button, and many posts calling for donations.

From the Without Apology Tumblr (apparently not run by Jacqueline, even though the Tumblr admin has laid out the site just like the main website run by Jacqueline). We can only wonder if the Jacqueline S. Homan charity drive is now so large that it requires a staff!

FR-WA-01  FR-WA-02  FR-WA-03


Previously on her main Without Apology website (withoutapology.org), the content of the entire site has now been removed, so this screen capture from the Wayback Machine, shows the Donate button:


We can only assume that Jacqueline has scrubbed the content due to her new ‘funding pool’ of Christians. Commentary such as this one (from the archived About page) shows that she readily endorsed ‘anti-Christian-women’ views, citing their lack of help, in order to manipulate radical feminists into donating. These days, she is disparaging the radical feminists, in order to elicit the reverse sympathy of the Christians.

One woman I’ve contacted while begging for help with my glaucoma treatment fundraiser, Emily Fitchpatrick, runs a small non-government funded charity in North Carolina that provides a safe house for poor prostituted/trafficked women who want to exit prostitution but have no real economic and social options available.

Emily also told me during a phone conversation how she has to “protect the women and girls from the other Christians” at her church and within her community “as much as she has to protect them from the pimps and johns.” She also told me how many of these upper-middle class Christian ladies at her church treat her as a social pariah because of the work she is doing to help poor trafficked girls in our purity-obsessed society completely devalues women and girls who are not virgins while giving a wink and a nod to men and boys who “sow wild oats.”

We have screen captured the About page, now that all content has been removed from the website. See the separate page of screen captures.


Last year, Jacqueline learned Ruby-on-Rails coding via the Rails Girls Summer of Code program. Since then, all sorts of ‘reasons’ were given why Jacqueline could not get coding work, even though many people were trying to help her obtain work in this field. We can see by her problems-with-coding question, just exactly what direction she wanted to use her newly acquired coding skills. Donations! (highlighted in the second screen capture)

stackoverflow-1  stackoverflow-2  stackoverflow-3


Her main ‘feminist’ website is called “Feminism – The Other ‘F’ Word” (with the URL godlessfeminist.wordpress.com; a peculiar address for someone who claims to be (at various times) an unaffiliated Jew and an Orthodox Jew). She has already approached the Jewish community for financial and other help.


The currently top post on that page “Whom does the Grail serve” is a post primarily bashing a group of radical feminists, and conservative women, and lumping all these women as being as bad as pimps and johns.

From the previous post in June, typical of most of her posts, purports to be about exited women generally, but somehow, always happens to end up as a promotion for her own fundraising for herself, including one of the most over-used Donate buttons on the internet.

GodlessFeminist-2  GodlessFeminist-3  GodlessFeminist-4





The first PayPal found (from the button above, blog post of June 2014) is for jacqulinehom@aol.com.

PayPal-jacqulinehom-1  PayPal-jacqulinehom-2

The more recent PayPal email address appears to be jacquelinehoman7@gmail.com


Which appears to be in use concurrently with the first one, this Tumblr post being eight months old (around the beginning of 2014)


Although we do not know for certain, it at least appears to be several PayPal accounts running concurrently.

On her Google site (sites.google.com/site/jacquelinehomanauthor/) which was last updated 24 April 2010, the jacquelinehoman7@gmail.com email address was in use and available for payments, possibly as early as 2008-09. See the rest of the page on the archive page.



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