This is a summary of the fundraisers done (primarily promoted on Facebook) for Jacqueline over the last year and a half. There have been private donations directly to Jacqueline as well. Our best estimate, as not all funds raised are able to be confirmed except for the figures on the fundraising pages, and that funds raised are already in excess of US$10,000—and possibly several thousand dollars more than that. The current fundraiser is for US$50,000. [Editors’ note (21 May): A second, and concurrent fundraiser has now been created, this one for $75,000]


[1] For dental abscess

  • Total received: unknown, but $500 from just one donation, when c$300-500 had already been collected. The estimate, in excess of $1,000
  • Donations ran – December 2012 to January 2013
  • Donations directly to Jacqueline via her PayPal account, therefore exact figure unknown

[2] For glaucoma medication/care

[3a] For dental abscess (a second one)

  • Total received: ±$1,500*
  • Organisers: Two organisers of the SPC (former) Facebook group, again directly through Jacqueline’s PayPal account (mainly promoted within the SPC group)
  • Ended November 2013
  • Donations given directly to Jacqueline via her PayPal account, but Jacqueline confirmed the target of $1,500 had been reached, with a small amount over (eg $50)

[3b] For emergency dental care, concurrent fundraising

[4] For pellet stove (slow combustion heater)

[5a] Supposedly for roof replacement (see $50k page)

[5b] Similar repairs and a “Habitat for Healing” centre to be built on Jacqueline’s property, concurrent fundraising with 5A



  • [1] estimated in excess of $1,000
  • [2] $3,050
  • [3a] estimated $1,500
  • [3b] $721
  • [4] $5,114

Estimated total so far in the region of: $11,385 (not including [5A] and [5B] concurrent fundraisers, which have collected, as at 21 May, over $1,000 already)

* The organisers of [3a] assure us that this amount of over $1,500 was in addition to the $721 raised in [3b]

Proceeds were netted between December 2012 and April 2014—a period of 16 months


But apparently, no one has ever helped her? 

Jacqueline frequently claims that no one has ever helped her, everybody had turned their backs on her, etc. Perhaps she considers over $10,000 in donations as not helping? (from her book’s About page):

“The world had not been a very kind place to me since I was orphaned and left destitute, homeless and trafficked at 13. I escaped when I was 17 back in 1984. No one was interested in helping me rebuild my life throughout the entire time after I had exited sexual exploitation hell (at risk of either murder or arrest)…”


“But I have yet to meet another American trafficking victim who actually got helped. I know that I never got any help from any of these charities to rebuild my life throughout the entire 28 (and counting) years after I escaped—help like medical and dental care, an income to live on with some basic human dignity, and the opportunity for completing my education through the grad school level or even just some computer programming and web development courses and direct job placement…”

As well as from the Without Apology main page:

“—and NO ONE in society supporting me and helping me—”

The survivor support organisation TAPS also claimed to have helped her. From the YouTube interview description:

“TAPS was the first program to reach out to her and offer her any real help through their network of survivors. If you’d like to reach them – www.traffickingandprostitutionservices.o­rg”

But apparently, no one has ever helped her, ever. Jacqueline says so.

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