Current inconsistencies

Following on from the conflicting information in Jacqueline’s background stories, are the conflicts in the narrative of her current situation.

Married or a widow?

From the $50k fundraiser,  it is stated that she is a widow:

“Through her years of struggling to survive day-to-day in chronic poverty, Jacqueline met a man whom later became her husband. Her husband had a house, where they both lived together until he passed away. Jacqueline now lives alone in the house from her deceased husband.” 

And from the $75k fundraiser, widowhood status is repeated, as well as confirmation that she now owns the house:

“Unfortunately, due to lack of income over 30 years, Jacqueline has been unable to make timely electrical and structural repairs to her residence and one of the buildings next to her main house on her property. Recently, she was given a code citation and ordered to demolish the outbuilding (formerly a machine shop run by her deceased husband who willed her the property) within 30 days.”

No mention of widowhood in the previous fundraisers on the YouCaring site. The current information is that the husband died ‘a year or two ago’, and most of us were on her Facebook friends list back then, no posts by Jacqueline to indicate something as major as the death of a husband. A search of the obituaries in the region does not mention any death of the husband, only his two previous wives—the first wife (divorced and remarried) died in February 2014, and the second wife died in December 2001. Even the Local Authority, issuing the demolition order, seem convinced that he is still alive.

So Jacqueline is supposedly widowed, supposedly living alone, according to the latest fundraisers? Information passed onto us was that in March this year, during a Skype call, “an elderly man who looks a bit like Willie Nelson” was seen stoking the fire in the background. This was dismissed by Jacqueline at the time as ‘a boarder’, who is now apparently in a nursing home, but strangely—that man is in the same age bracket as the supposedly dead husband who has no obituary. A remarkable co-incidence.

Note that it is stated that “Jacqueline lives alone in the house from her deceased husband”. This is a two-storey, three-bedroomed house with an attic. Her reports are that she cannot sell this house to downsize because ‘her husband was a collector’ and she is too ill and frail to sort the possessions. We are certain that a secondhand dealer would come in and offer money for anything of value, and remove it. Anything left, sell for scrap, and ask local women like a church group to come in and help get rid of it. Given that her stated income is so low, then there is unlikely to be a mortgage on the property. Sell up and downsize is the solution—many other women have had to do this since the recession. Of course, we (and the Authority who would have been notified) do not actually believe that the husband is dead, he is most likely still alive, in residence, and stoking fires in the background.

There seem to be many options for Jacqueline, however, she continually comes up with ‘reasons’ (ie excuses) as to why the solution always has to be cash donations. Even the ‘desperate’ call if anyone knows any tradies in the area—yet on one of her two Linkedin profiles, she lists she was a ‘Plasterer/Drywall finisher at Dugan & Marcon’—a sure bet that she would actually know at least a number of tradies, or knows how to find and access reliable ones. But it always has to be the cash donation solution for Jacqueline! (click to enlarge, Drywall reference on the third screenshot)

JSH-linked-p1-01  JSH-linked-p1-02  JSH-linked-p1-03  JSH-linked-p1-04

It seems, according to the second Linkedin profile, that she is “willing to commute to Buffalo or Cleveland”. So apparently Jacqueline can commute, but not sort out her ‘dead’ husband’s possessions from the house! (click to enlarge, commuting reference on second screenshot)

JSH-linked-p2-01  JSH-linked-p2-02  JSH-linked-p2-03  JSH-linked-p2-04  JSH-linked-p2-05

She is willing to commute for jobs, but apparently with the impending outbuilding crisis that will supposedly ‘make her homeless’, because she cannot rent, nor will the homeless shelter take her in because of her ‘severe incontinence problem’ sustained from the years being prostituted. Surely that severe incontinence problem would stop her commuting to other cities?


The “older lady”—nice touch, at age 47.

We could find no record of death or obituary for Donnie Homan Snr. And although inconclusive, we could not find evidence of a marriage between them either, however, sometimes online records of this nature are not complete.



Before her entry into our feminist circles, Jacqueline approached the local Jewish community for free conversion for her husband. In this letter about her rejection by the Jewish community, she describes herself as ‘unaffiliated’ and ‘had never been a part of any Jewish community’. A few excerpts:

“…because they make me feel validated as a poor, unaffiliated Jew deserving of acceptance in the larger Jewish community. My husband is non-Jewish and was seriously seeking conversion (his heart is with the Jewish people – especially the Jewess he married), I had been orphaned at 13 and had never been a part of any Jewish community and recently sought to reconnect. […] Rather, she asked my husband what he did for a living in a real snobby tone of voice. He told her the truth: he is disabled and gets a $604/mo pension and social security check combined total and that I was employed in the insurance/financial services field at a very low salary as a marketing rep for Ion Health. […] When I lost my job due to anti-semitism and was unable to collect unemployment and we spiraled down into poverty as a result – having our gas shut off (it is still shut off) and nearly losing our modest home in the poor side of town to foreclosure […] His response to our suffering without basic human needs in poverty was that I needed to go get mental health counseling and be put on anti-depressants in order to cope with being poor (like that would really do me any good if we froze to death in our home for lack of heat or ability to get heat in our home because there really isn’t “all this help out there” that people think there is). Meanwhile, two potential converts with no Jewish heritage, were welcomed with open arms because they have good jobs, plenty of money, can afford the “right” image and all that entails while my husband and I were told in so many words that we were not wanted, not acceptable to be Jews because we aren’t an “asset”. We don’t have a nice house with fancy things, plenty of good clothes, prestigious jobs and good incomes. The message was painfully clear: affluent gentiles seeking conversion are welcome but poor Jews or poor people with Jewish heritage need not apply. […] To me, it is being accepted, learning how to live Jewishly, about reconnecting and rejoining my people, about reclaiming a heritage that is rightfully mine. […] I didn’t choose to become poor, to face age as well as sex discrimination in the jobs market, to be orphaned and poor without any support since my youth. I didn’t choose to be born with a learning disability making getting a college degree to access the “better life” mission impossible. I tried the best I could with what I had and considering all, I think I turned out OK. I have a degree, insurance and CFP licenses, I have never used drugs or alcohol or gotten into trouble with the law. I am now self-employed as an independent property & casualty insurance agent/broker, making very little money but able to slowly pull myself and my disabled husband out of poverty. […] Nor did I choose for my great-great grandmother to assimilate out by marrying a middle-class gentile farmer in PA Dutch Country, however, given the cold hard facts that poor Jews, especially women, were oppressed and ill-treated by anti-semitic non-Jews and also the wealthy or more privileged Jews within their own communities […] I am only Mrs. Jacqueline Homan, insurance agent/broker, survivor of life’s hard knocks who wants to reconnect with her heritage and her people…”

If that was TL;DR, it was the usual rant about how everyone is against her, how she never had a chance, always in extreme poverty, etc.

It is interesting that she was discriminated against due to ageism. At the time of that letter, September 2005, she was 38.

The most interesting part in the letter, is claiming to have never been in trouble with the law. She presently claims that the juvenile record of prostitution has always held her back from getting good jobs. Which is it? We think it is clear that, given her high school history and work history, the juvenile criminal record is perhaps not as much of a barrier as she is making out, if in fact, it exists at all.

In the 2005 letter, Jacqueline was apparently an unaffliated Jew, and had never been apart of any Jewish community. Now she claims to be an Orthodox Jew (from the Without Apology homepage.  And suffering from anti-semitism.

“I am NOT some “fallen woman” who “rebelled” and did drugs or “made poor choices” or some crap. I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home by my Holocaust survivor grandmother and when she died, my sister and I had NO ONE.”

So she (and her sister) were orphaned when Jacqueline was 14, 13, 12, ?embryo?, but raised by the Holocaust survivor grandmother who died. Doesn’t that mean she was actually orphaned (at two), and the grandmother’s death was when she was trafficked?

The two versions; one raised (Orthodox) by the Holocaust survivor grandmother is inconsistent with the earlier account of wanting to ‘reconnect’ due to the great-great-grandmother who married-out to the gentile middle-class farmer. It is curious that there is a middle-class great-great-grandfather in the narrative, as Jacqueline constantly claims to be part of the permanent underclass.

We may not be experts on Judaism, but we suspect that disrespecting Holocaust survivors is not the best way to go about re-integrating back into the Jewish community. It’s just a hunch. And overlooking the ‘Holocaust survivor grandmother’ (above) of course.  We would have thought she had some kind of affinity with Holocaust survivors? We suspect that using the URL of ‘godless feminist‘ (started 2010) probably does not bolster the claims of being an Orthodox Jew. We have no idea whether Jacqueline is Jewish or not, but like nearly every other self-told narrative, full of conflicting information.

But it gets worse. In this letter to the Editor, a swipe at not only African Americans, but at Holocaust survivors? Could this be the reason she had the chilly reception at her local Jewish community? This deserves to be reprinted in full, with emphasis added.

Don’t Forget Southern Survivors

August 03, 2000|The Morning Call

To the Editor:

Upon reading the July 27 op-ed column by Cecil Johnson regarding reparations owed to slave descendants, fueled by reparations being paid to Jewish Holocaust survivors, I am compelled to write in protest.

First, we as a society have paid time and again retribution for the wrongs of slavery with welfare transfer payments, Title VII, additional civil rights legislation including Affirmative Action, special set-asides, black-only scholarships, public holidays and monuments paying tribute to black civil rights leaders, and the list goes on.

There are plenty of European Americans suffering from the legacy of poverty due directly to these preferential set-asides and due to the devastating period of post Civil War “reconstruction” which left hundreds of thousands of southerners impoverished for generations well into the 20th Century, the majority of whom did not own a single slave. Before we allow Washington to generously donate $10 million toward the Holocaust survivors in Germany and give more money for retribution to African Americans, repay those southern survivors and their descendants for the wrongs committed under the reconstruction era and for the war crime of Sherman’s march to the sea.

Jacqueline Sarah Beckel

Social Justice Warrior… for Southern men! at the expense of African Americans and Holocaust Survivors! Nice one! There are many other examples of borderline racism, and these are on a separate page (not yet created; might not be published). We will show this example from an article she wrote in 2011 for the Examiner:

September 15, 2011

Western Pennsylvania man pimps cremated son’s remains, misappropriates Native American spirituality in ploy to get federal grant money earmarked for Native Americans

By Jacqueline S. Homan, author: Classism For Dimwits and Divine Right

It seems somewhat out of character for a trafficking survivor to mis-use the word ‘pimps’, although this is above the byline and might not have been written by Jacqueline, we would have expected her to protest strongly about the mis-use of ‘pimps’. Even if Jacqueline did not write the article teaser, the article itself shows a grave lack of understanding about Native American cultures.


In conclusion

What we found when researching Jacqueline’s past, was that the more we looked the more inconsistent her past became. Layer upon layer of conflicting information presentation and history. We could have kept digging, but we have already found enough inconsistency. Enough inconsistency to question the facts related to the ‘trafficked (at 12, 13 or 14)’ account. Enough inconsistency to seriously question the ‘never having had any good jobs’ or ‘part of the permanent underclass’. Enough inconsistency to doubt the narrative of the ‘constant emergencies’. Enough inconsistency to question whether she is in fact ‘widowed and alone’. There were virtually no claims that were not contradicted elsewhere, except for perhaps two or three—she is the author of five books, the demolition order is for 30 days, and she probably does have the degree in maths.


A final word (20 May 2010)

We fully expect, after the circulation of this website, that Jacqueline will come out with many excuses (or “explanations”) for why the information is ‘wrong’—just as she has done after various women started questioning why $50k was ‘needed’, and no photo of the outbuilding was on the fundraising page (eventually a photo was posted). But given the volume of conflicting information, the majority written by Jacqueline herself, she will be busy for quite some time.

After discovering all these inconsistencies, we have more questions than ever about these fundraising efforts.