Background inconsistencies

This page to show the inconsistencies in the background story, how events have changed over time. There was a lot of inconsistency and we began to question the facts surrounding Jacqueline’s account of being trafficked, and of her missing high school (a claim Jacqueline now makes often in the current narrative, see first screenshot). The evidence of high school attendance undermines that account.


Age of entry, and years of being prostituted

The age of entry both lacks consistency and irrelevant detail (often raising suspicion). (from her book’s About page)


The detail of 27½ years is superfluous, primarily because that cannot be a fixed figure and will increase over time. Here, however, the time since exiting varies three times within the same page—27½, 28 and 30. Most people would settle on something like “for nearly 30 years”. The ½ is infers precision, as if precision were legitimacy. Intentional deception is notable for overly-specific details, usually unevenly selected for focus and inaccurately presented in retellings. Interestingly, the last two screenshots (above) are consecutive paragraphs. These varying entries—particularly the 27½—demonstrate attempted legitimacy through overly-precise retelling.

Even the main page of the Without Apology book, written at the time of the book’s About page:

“It’s a hell of a thing to escape from brutal killers at risk of either death or arrest after being trafficked as a homeless orphaned CHILD, only to then be forced to suffer the next 29 years of my life in extreme life-threatening poverty with no liveable income, or any real chance of any…”

Compare with the $50k fundraising page:

“Jacqueline Homan was forced into prostitution when she was twelve (one year younger than the average age of entering prostitution in the US) and escaped her traffickers when she was seventeen.”

The aged trafficked keeps getting younger. For example, here Jacqueline referred to “one month before thirteenth birthday”, which again, is a strange way to state something, age 12 is age 12, and surely that would feature more prominently if it were an accurate recollection? It should be noted that Jacqueline has more recently been using 12, prior to that, always 13.


In an interview Jacqueline did for survivor support organisation TAPS, Jacqueline claims that ‘her first sexual experience was being gang raped at the club, one month after her fourteenth birthday’. The ‘one month before’ and ‘one month after’ are superfluous detail to imply credibility. There are highlights from what looks to be the same video interview here, the last extract being about the gang rape.

Here she is orphaned at two, raised by the grandmother, who died when she was 13. It is a strange claim to keep making now ‘orphaned at 12/13’ when actually orphaned at two years old:

“The author states her case beginning with her own personal life history as an orphaned two-year-old raised by her grandmother. She was thrown into the street when her grandmother died eleven years later, but she eventually moved in with her older half-sister. The two sisters retained a minimalist subsistence by utilizing multiple low-wage jobs for a number of years.”


Trafficked, so cannot explain lack of high school years to employers

Jacqueline has repeatedly stated that because she was trafficked between the ages of 13-17 and she was never able to explain the missing high school years (see the first screenshot at the top of the page).

At the Classmates website, we found three profiles for Jacqueline (in itself not unusual, it is easy to forget login information). One of these profiles is fairly detailed, showing all the schools attended—all three showing high school years at William Allen High School, Allentown, PA, and Jacqueline seems to have been invited to reunions—most likely high school reunions. So is she lying to the former students, or to us now, about the lack of high school? It would appear to be the latter, primarily because of her comments made in 2006 regarding the ‘difficulties all during high school’, see just below these screenshots. (click to enlarge, the fourth screenshot is the detailed school history listing)

JSH-classmates-01  JSH-classmates-02  JSH-classmates-03  JSH-classmates-04

Just putting those schools in chronological order:

Cleveland Elementary School, Allentown, PA, 1972-1977  [ages 5-10]
Central Elementary School, Allentown, PA, 1978-1978  [age 11]
Trexler Junior High School, Allentown, PA, 1979-1980  [ages 12-13]
William Allen High School, Allentown, PA, 1981-1985  [ages 14-18]
Kutztown High School, Kutztown, PA, 1997-2001  [ages 30-34]
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Kutztown, PA, 1997-2001  [ages 30-34]

In 2006, Jacqueline relates to her problems ‘all throughout high school’ in this comment:

“…] I had been pushed through the public school system. I was in special ed since 7th grade all the way through high school for having learning problems (I have a learning disability – dyslexia)and thus did not have the academic capabilities beyond the 4th grade level even though I was a high school grad. Yet, these clowns at OVR told me I needed to “just go to college to learn something else to be marketable and have a new career”. When I asked them to please look at my high school records, told them that I am learning-disabled and if I couldn’t grasp basic math – never mind algebra and trig – in junior high and high school, how the hell could they expect me to “just go to college”[…]

Then I had to go to community college for remedial level classes for the material I couldn’t grasp in 7th through 12th grades and struggled to get through them successfully – often having to put in 8-12 hours into my homework because having a learning disability means you just can’t grasp things as quickly and absorb as much at a time as everybody else. […]

Having to start out behind the 8-ball due to the learning-disability problem, it took me 5 years to make it through a 2-year community college starting out with remedial classes and finally graduating with a regular college course curriculum under my belt with an A.A. degree. As a dyslexic and an older learner, I felt that the math and computer classes were really too hard for me.”

It would seem very strange for someone who has such difficulty in maths to end up with a degree in maths AND qualifications in computer coding! It is a ridiculous claim that someone with difficulties in those areas would be ‘forced’ to obtain higher qualifications in them.

The evidence of the high school years brings fresh questions to her claims of being trafficked and therefore missing out on high school entirely.


The unexpunged criminal record as a juvenile

It seems a not-impossible process of paperwork to get a juvenile criminal record expunged in Pennsylvania, if the eligibility conditions were met and fairly straightforward, and as long as someone does not have further offences as an adult, etc. There is no mention of the fee (but we would consider a donation directly to the Clerks’ Office towards the fee, if that would expunge Jacqueline’s record).

Juvenile criminal records are treated far more confidentially than adult criminal records. The period she primarily talks about (the earlier years) there was not an internet, and background checks were not routine. Even as the internet and background checks became more common, juvenile criminal records were treated apart from adult convictions.

In 2013 Jacqueline also talks about a $50k student loan debt, from her mathematics degree. A PDF of the post here.

“I have a Bachelors degree in math w/ a minor in physics that opened NOT ONE door for me. All I got was a mounting unpaid capitalized student loan debt (now totaling over $50K with capitalized interest) that I will NEVER be able to afford to repay.”

And in this 2006 comment:

“Thus, I finally did get to graduate at age 35 on May 19th, 2001 with $38,000 in student loan debt from Sallie Mae, PHEAA and William D. Ford Direct loan programs combined…”

Student loans in the US are not usually given to those with a criminal conviction. How would she have obtained this loan, if this often-mentioned juvenile criminal conviction was always looming over her head? And later, when she was the principal officer at Homan Financial (an insurance brokerage firm), how did Jacqueline obtain the licence(s) for a financial/insurance firm with a criminal record? (see further down page)


The juvenile criminal record that prevents employment

Frequently Jacqueline has cited that the existence of this non-expunged juvenile criminal record has prevented her from getting jobs and loans (but not a $50k student loan, nor finance/insurance licences apparently).

We have seen a work history on two Linkedin profiles (see the next page for details), that indicate that there is some work history, even though she frequently portrays that she “has never been able to get a decent job, even a McJob” (paraphrased, from everywhere).


Which bring us to all the jobs that are grossly downplayed. (extracts only below—the entire comment can be found here, bold added about the accident and good job at 24.)

Jacqueline S. Homan  August 4, 2008

“… I am not fat becuase of being lazy, stuffing my face, or having a mental problem. And I resent being inundated with this crap. A disabling car accident left me with a spinal chord injury and two smashed knees when I was 24. I went from earning a good paycheck to being poor because of the physical disability. Even a college degree earned at age 34 did not improve my chances for good jobs, not only due to the gap in my work history from the accident and years of physical therapy, not only because of the poverty and bad credit that accompanies being disabled without any income, but also because I was no longer “eye candy”. I wasn’t a super thin 21 year old – I was a slightly overweight middle-aged woman, which our society treats as third class citizens because that is deemed “too fat”, “a mental mess”, “unworthy”, and “undeserving” by our society. […]

I’ll never forget the VP of American Express Financial who was chomping at the bit to hire me when I told him I already had all the licenses and credentials plus the university degree in mathematics, only to have him treat me like crap when he saw me in person at the face to face interview – he wrote “DO NOT HIRE – TOO FAT” on the top of my resume. Although that was not the only job I got denied for no reason other than my body size, it was the one where the interviewer was actually blatant enough to write that where I could see it in plain sight. […]

… without realizing that when you’re unemployed and poor, you have no money to afford to join a fitness club…let alone afford a house in the suburbs with a pool in order for an overweight person with a spinal chord injury to be able to swim and thus get the only exercize they can.  […]

My accident left me unable to bicycle and walk any distance. I cannot stand for any length of time. The only exercise I can physically do is swim. But when you’re financially limited, you can’t afford your own pool (or a fitness club membership). So just how am I supposed to be able to “do something about my figure” since I am not one of those who is lucky enough to be naturally skinny as a rail if, I as a fat girl, am made blatantly unwelcome at the local fitness club? Even before my accident 17 years ago, I was never skinny. So what am I now that I am no longer the young 21 year old who could fit into a size 10?  […]

I’ll never forget the abuse I got at the local YMWCA that I belonged to briefly by the athletic gym jerk type of people who rudely complained to my face in front of my husband. They said that they couldn’t swim in the pool and get their laps in because his fat wife would make splashes too big while swimming. I was teaching my husband how to swim and we were sharing one lane in the lap pool and none of the other lanes were occupied at the time. I am supposed to take this kind of crap and then be told how considerate I should be of not hurting skinny people’s feelings? What about MY feelings for once?”

We included a large extract of that comment to show that she appears to be exaggerating here, she is not what the medical profession would call ‘morbidly obese’ but average or a little above average weight for the USA, so the comments about the pool etc are very unlikely to have happened, given her actual size. But true to form, Jacqueline always maintains she is the worst case, more oppressed than others.

So a good job at aged 24, but curtailed by an accident. Here is another mention, in the author’s ‘about’ on an article in 2010.

“After a disabling car accident caused by an uninsured driver took her out of the workforce at age 24 in 1991, she went to college and earned her Bachelors’ degree in mathematics with a minor in physics from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania as a non-traditional aged student at the age of 34 in 2001 – the first in her family to graduate from high school and college.”

And here (thumbnails of the full profile just below):

“Jacqueline S. Homan broke ground becoming the first woman plasterer in an all white male construction trades union in 1989. She has had first-hand experience dealing with the obstacles and ramifications of gender discrimination in male-dominated fields. Her construction experience also included being a union steward, representing others who lodged grievances against management.

Learning Disabilities Advocate:
After a car accident in 1991 took Jacqueline out of the workforce for several years, she overcame the nearly insurmountable obstacles of poverty, dyslexia, and age as a non-traditional aged student to earn her Bachelors Degree in mathematics and computer science with a minor in physics from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.”


Out of the workforce at 24. And a loan that cannot be obtained due to a juvenile criminal record most likely not found by most employers, because it was well before the internet, unless they paid, and that is still true today. The juvenile criminal record supposedly holding her back really does not explain the other jobs either, specifically in financial services, from her first Linkedin profile (the screenshots of the full profile on next page)


But there is far more work in the financial services sector than just above, even though Jacqueline claims that her maths degree led nowhere and could not get a job.

JSH-zoom-01  JSH-zoom-02  JSH-zoom-03  JSH-zoom-04

Copied from the fourth thumbnail:

“During her final semester in college in 2001, Jacqueline began training and working in the finance and investment banking industry. Her experience included options trading, hedging, foreign currency options contracts, and stock analysis. Although her job with a brokerage firm was truncated due to the events known as 9/11, Jacqueline continued working as a property & casualty insurance agent, starting up her own independent agency with nothing but her licenses after a 4 year fruitless job search during which the reality of age and appearance discrimination against women forced Jacqueline into the self-employment route as a theater of final resort.”

How is it, that a person so held back by a ‘juvenile’ criminal record, could pass a financial services background check? A juvenile record would likely slide through, it is the adult and working conduct they are most interest in. All we can say is that if this juvenile criminal record existed, then why did Jacqueline say to the Jewish community about never having been in trouble with the law. (see next page, Judaism section)

The claims of having a juvenile record are contradictory throughout her writing, and do not seem plausible as a cause of unemployment.


Homan Insurance/Financial

So we see that she started her own company. The principal executive, founder of the company, and ONLY person listed in association with the company, was one Ms Jacqueline Beckel (same maiden name as the high school renunion), of the same address where she is currently living.

Here is a summary of the details found for Homan Financial/Insurance. As the business is/was an insurance brokerage, the turnover figures would most likely be the total insurance coverage sold (ie policy value). The figures vary in the three profiles, from $180,000 to $750,000, but we assume figures must have been obtained from somewhere, like company filings or industry promotions. We assume that the company profit would be something like 5-10% of the turnover/policy value. It is easier to post thumbnails of the three business profile summaries, but we do retain the screenshots of the full profiles, which were far too spread out with advertisements. (click to enlarge)

JSH-business-overview-01  JSH-business-overview-02  JSH-business-overview-03


Running and hiding from traffickers

If she is hiding, she is not doing it very well. She is easily found, using her own known names, and generally staying/returning within the same state. As we know from the domestic violence support sector, we can advise that using your own name, your photo, and fairly high profile web presence, is not hiding.

All of the web results on this site are within one, two, or three pages of search results. No paid-for services required. It was merely a matter of collating information from one source, and generating a new search. Basically, we did not have to look very hard. We would have thought, that one who was escaping from an evil, trafficking, outlaw motorcycle gang, would use more common sense. Women who have escaped from abusive husbands have used far more precautions that Jacqueline has ever done. Given the number of girls that run away from home and become trafficked, it would be far easier for this gang to procure more runaways, than to spend three decades hunting down one victim who got away. It also helps to leave the state and not do a maths degree in the next town over. Common sense says that the story does not add up.

This piece about phone tracking, is only true if the other party knows the number, or gave you the phone. Otherwise, it is just nonsense. The nonsense is on the Without Apology ‘About’ page.

“No one was interested in helping me rebuild my life throughout the entire time after I had exited sexual exploitation hell (at risk of either murder or arrest) while I had to hide for 27 ½ years from the high-ranking members of an outlaw motorcycle gang who trafficked me. Of course, changing your last name and being able to hide was much easier before the Internet and the tracking capabilities in cell phones.”


Sojourning through Canada and the Arctic Circle

This is someone who supposedly lived hand-to-mouth, in abject poverty all her life, the underclass, and the poorest of the poor. But manages to have ‘sojourned across Canada and the Arctic Circle’ to show solidarity with the families of other victims. Canada is large, and fairly expensive to travel within. The Arctic Circle is not some commuter route, and is prohibitively expensive to travel to. (post from her own Facebook post; click to enlarge)

JSH-sojourn-01  JSH-sojourn-02

More about her ‘connection’ with native peoples later, on subsequent pages. But a word of editorial advice, no one in history has ever been able to pull off using ‘sojourn’ and not look like a pretentious twit.



Most of the background accounts do not add up, most strongly conflict with one another. So on to her current circumstances, also not adding up and showing a lot of inconsistencies.

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