The questions surrounding Jacqueline S. Homan

The purpose of this blog comes out of the concern we have for our feminist community, and not as a personal attack.

We believe that any woman in need has the right to raise funds as long as she is being forthright about her situation and not misleading donors with misinformation or hidden purposes.

We also believe that donors do have the right to be fully informed when giving. We would like to see standards established for transparency in fundraising to ensure accountability and integrity.

This blog is shielded from search engines, and only found if you know the link (however, we reserve the right to change this position in the future). The information is for members of our community, so they can make up their own minds about the situation, and certainly before making a contribution.

We became concerned when yet another fundraiser was set up for Jacqueline S. Homan. The latest in a series of fundraisers within the past 16 months. The latest concurrent fundraisers are set to an astonishing US$50,000 and US$75,000. Some of the information set up on the fundraising pages is misleading, indicating that Jacqueline would be made homeless by current events, we do not believe this to be true. We will explain in further detail on both the $50k page and the $75k page.

We recommend you view the information pages in the order presented.

We have done our best to protect Jacqueline’s details as much as possible, but all of this information found was easily searchable by Google, and no additional tools were necessary. It may be, that once she discovers some of this history that she will delete as much as she can, so most of the information is presented in screenshots, in the event of future dead links. No other amendment was made to the screenshots other than hiding some personal data.

Contrary to popular myth (and the frequent words of Jacqueline), the vast majority of the women in our community are not ‘middle class white women’, nor do they make any money from feminism or from being feminists. Many in our community are struggling to make ends meet, going without, renting, living in poverty, living with disability and chronic illness—but do not ask for constant bailouts, and certainly no one in our community has asked for this degree of financial help—so suspicions are raised. We want to protect women from being exploited. Even the poorest feminists donate when the calls for assistance are put out. Nor is it such standard practice for so much money to go to just one person, rather than an event or an organisation, when so many others are also in need.

Many women in our community do not reveal personal details about themselves, just sharing some glimpses of their experiences, so we do not expect full disclosure. However, there is generally a degree of consistency in what they relate. In Jacqueline’s case, this is not true, far too many inconsistencies appear in her narratives. Such a substantial body of inconsistencies raises red flags.

Beyond the soliciting large sums by dubious narratives, this is damaging to feminists who rely on the truth of survivors’ words for the credibility of our movement. If a survivor is found, by outsiders, to be fabricating evidence or personal history, then much of our work is called into question.

Too many inconsistencies appear in so many of Jacqueline’s narratives. The drive behind this blog is to document the inconsistencies that we have discovered and compiled here. Our suspicions are that donations are being acquired with misleading information about Jacqueline’s situation, ie, a constant stream of dubious ‘emergencies’.

As we kept looking into Jacqueline’s narratives, it became clear that she had many changing positions and compounding contradictions within her narrative. Thus, we began to question many other elements of her narrative. In our anti-pornstitution work, we must make every effort to have full honesty and truth.

It is a false accusation that we treat all survivors disrespectfully. This is not about disrespect, but a very unusual circumstance, brought about by one woman’s constant fundraising and frequently changing narratives.

Even as we were looking into Jacqueline’s claims, when composing this site, additional ‘explanations’ kept arising, including the creation of the new $75k fundraiser. We expect that more ‘explanations’ will arise after this site gets circulated.

And in the unattributed words she uses from Maya Angelou:

When someone shows you who they really are, believe them.

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